Air to Water

Konig Groep has a unique position in the world of drinking water solutions.

Our company provides turnkey solutions with respect to your drinking water needs. We represent several manufacturers worldwide with a range of products in Air to Water and Water to Water technology. Working with Konig Groep means all products and all services under one roof. Whether it is shipping and transportation, warranties, installation, and maintenance or direct communications with manufacturers or distributors, Konig Group provides a complete turnkey service to your company for all your drinking water requirements.

IKOMU by Konig Groep

Air to Water household models manufactured in China

Household Air to Water by Konig Group

Air to Water, Industrial models up to 4000 Liters per day

Konig Groep has an exclusive arrangement with an AWG manufacturer in The Netherlands. This manufacturer produces Air to Water systems with a capacity of 4000 Liter per day, thus making it one of the largest capacity Air to Water units in the world.

The company developed a highly efficient and energy-friendly Air to Water system that provides for 4000 liters of fresh drinking water per day. Very special is the fact tat these AWG’s can operate on solar and/or wind energy combine with the more traditional forms of energy like electricity from the grid. So called “hybrid” systems.

Konig Groep is proud to exclusively represent this revolutionary Dutch company worldwide.

Inside the 4000 Liter unit from a Holland based manufacturer
Air to Water Generator
4000 Liters/Day

This model finds perfect natural circumstances in countries like Indonesia, Brazil and India. High temperatures in combination with high humidity form the ideal mix under which AIR TO WATER production becomes the most obvious way to produce fresh and clean drinking water.
Pure water of the highest quality immaginable.