Products & Services

1. Air to Water Technologies

Konig Groep has a unique position in the world of drinking water solutions.

Our company provides for turnkey solutions with respect to your drinking water needs. We represent several manufacturers worldwide with a range of products in Air to Water and Water to Water technology. Working with Konig Groep means all products and all services under one roof. Whether it is shipping and transportation, warranties, installation, and maintenance or direct communications with manufacturers or distributors, Konig Groep provides a complete turnkey service to your company for all your drinking water requirements

Check our Air to Water pages on this website.

2. Bulk Water Transportation.

Konig Groep has completed a long study into all the available drinking water sources in the world and has well-established relations with water rights holders.

Konig groep has the expertise to identify specific sources for any client in the world. The company has in-house knowledge on safe transportation, shipping, delivering and storage of drinking water in bulk to any destination in the world. For that purpose, it has identified logistics partners with a wide range of expertise in shipping liquid consumables all over the world. Product quality and delivery are therefore an essential part of our turnkey packages.

Please check the Bulk Water pages on this website.

3. Reverse Osmosis

Konig Groep represents the industry famous manufacturing Company, a US-based RO system supplier and manufacturer.

Systems are able to desalinate seawater from 5000 liters/day up to 3.000.000 liters/day. Check our Rverse Osmosis pages on this website.

Reverse Osmosis Systems and Hardware