Reverse Osmosis

KONIG GROeP is proud to represent Pure Aqua, the best manufacturer in the world of Reverse Osmosis Systems. After long and careful research Konig Group identified this partner for the production of Reverse Osmosis hardware and systems.

World Class Reverse Osmosis systems

Water Treatment Solutions | Engineered in the USA by PureAqua

For almost 2 decades, this company has worked around the clock to innovate the most advanced technology for every single water treatment solution you can think of. All the solutions provided to meet all type of industries’ needs & applications.

PureAqua and Konig Groep

A Powerful Combination

These Scenarios Routinely Become A Matter Between Life And Death When You Consider The Maximum Number Of People In Your Community Who No Longer Have Access To Clean Water Due To A Natural Disaster. In The Case That Your Community Holds 20,000 Residents Then You Will Have To Calculate Your Requirements If You Needed To Provide For Every Resident.

water treatment systems for disaster relief industry
Disaster situations usually require immediate availablity of drinking water
Reverse Osmosis Unit by PureAqua

The perks that come with Reverse Osmosis Systems are substantial.

Seawater desalinations systems

The easiest and most economical way to produce drinking water where there is only seawater available.

Reverse Osmosis Plant in Oman by PureAqua

Reverse Osmosis Systems Deliver Useful, Power-Conserving Means Of Serving Clean Water To Those Who Greatly Need It.

Konig Groep represents a Polish manufacturer of Reverse Osmosis units for smaller applications. This company offers highly competitive prices and turnkey solutions.